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A-Lert installed a Ronning dryer system and a cooling system for the processing of DDG (distiller’s dried grains) for our customer Ronning Engineering Company, Inc. at the Cornhusker Energy ethanol plant.  
The dryer system installed consisted of a 14’ x 60’ drum, trunnion bases and drum drive, three feed conveyors, a blending chamber (complete with gas burner and dampers), a drop out chamber and separator, air duct to four cyclones with supports, air locks and transfer screw conveyors. An 8’ x 24’ cooling drum with in/out conveyors was put in place with plenum at the drum. Duct work was constructed to the filter and air transfer system (which was installed by others). Also installed was a bucket elevator from the filter to the transfer system. The system will dry distiller’s grain from the ethanol process by using dry heat, in the drum, and then cooling it before transferring to storage.  
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