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Minnesota Soybean Processors | Brewster, MN
Minnesota Soybean Processors 
Facility Type
Grain Facility 
Size / Capacity
Approximate Cost
Services Provided
Steel erection, concrete placement, equipment installation, steam piping, process piping, ductwork installation, HVAC, blockwork, building siding and roofing, equipment supply. 
This project is a new soybean processing facility for Minnesota Soybean Processors. A-Lert Construction Services supplied some and installed all of the processing equipment. All steel, siding, and roofing for two main processing buildings and two support buildings was supplied and installed. A-Lert supplied and installed all aspiration control ductwork, as well as all HVAC in two main processing buildings and one support building. 850 cubic yards of concrete were poured by A-Lert on five elevated floors. 
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